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September 29th 2017, Shedd Aquarium – Chicago

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Microbiome Water Summit 2017

  • Learn from leaders in this ground-breaking field
  • Network with a new community of innovators
  • View live streaming on the Internet

Presentations and panel discussions

  • Invisible Influence: The Microbiome in Health
  • Metagenomic Applications in Wastewater
  • Key Findings & Insights:
    • Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Study
    • Biogas Anaerobic Digester Study
  • Source Water Characterization
  • The Shedd Aquarium Microbiome Project

“If you care about microbiology in water or wastewater, resource recovery or water-related health, this is a must attend event” –Dean Amhaus, CEO of The Water Council

steve frenkel“Advances in understanding the microbiome are happening in Chicago where researchers are sequencing the DNA of micro-organisms in the Chicago river to both protect public health and the health of the river. We’re thrilled to welcome this important summit to Chicago, a city that is developing next-generation water technologies to solve local, national and global water challenges.” —Steve Frenkel, Executive Director of Current, Chicago’s water technology accelerator.

jeremy cramer“I am really looking forward to learning the results of the Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) and Anaerobic Digester studies. With specialized DNA sequencing such as what is being applied in these studies, the resource recovery industry finally has the opportunity to measure the microbiology much more comprehensively than what has been previously possible. The studies will help the industry interpret results and use this new insight to optimize systems. I believe this will be a game-changer for the industry.”
Jeremy Cramer, Donohue & Associates.

bill van bonn“With intensive surveillance of viral, archaeal, bacterial and fungal communities in our multiple systems, Shedd Aquarium Microbiome Project is generating one of the most comprehensive known evaluations of the complex interrelationships between microbes in the built aquatic environment and their responses to environmental change. We look forward to sharing our story at the Summit and having the same opportunity to learn from others.” —Dr. Van Bonn, Shedd Aquarium.


Professor Jack A Gilbert earned his Ph.D. from Unilever and Nottingham University, UK in 2002, and received his postdoctoral training at Queens University, Canada. He subsequently returned to the UK in 2005 to Plymouth Marine Laboratory at a senior scientist until his move to Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago in 2010. Currently, Professor Gilbert is the Director of the Microbiome Center and a Professor of Surgery at the University of Chicago. He is also Group Leader for Microbial Ecology at Argonne National Laboratory, Research Associate at the Field Museum of Natural History, Scientific Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory, and the Yeoh Ghim Seng Visiting Professorship in Surgery at the National University of Singapore. Dr. Gilbert uses molecular analysis to test fundamental hypotheses in microbial ecology. He has authored more than 250 peer reviewed publications and book chapters on metagenomics and approaches to ecosystem ecology. He is the founding Editor in Chief of mSystems journal. In 2014 he was recognized on Crain’s Business Chicago’s 40 Under 40 List, and in 2015 he was listed as one of the 50 most influential scientists by Business Insider, and in the Brilliant Ten by Popular Scientist. In 2016 he won the Altemeier Prize from the Surgical Infection Society, and the WH Pierce Prize from the Society for Applied Microbiology for research excellence.


Professor Jack A Gilbert


Jeremy Cramer

Senior Process Engineer, Donohue & Associates

Dr. Leon Downing

Senior Technologist

Autumn Fisher

City of Fond du Lac

Dr. Trevor Ghylin

Founder and CTO
Microbe Detectives

Chris Lefebvre

Wastewater Superintendent
City of Stevens Point

Dr. Alison Ling

Environmental Engineer
Barr Engineering

John Tillotson

Microbe Detectives

Dr. Bill Van Bonn

VP of Animal Health and
Shedd Microbiome Project

Dr. George Wells

Asst. Prof. Civil/Envir. Eng.
Northwestern University